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Private Vatican Tour

This private tour gives you the opportunity to explore the most famous Vatican sites with the company of your own exclusive, licensed guide.

Skip the ticket line as your guide whisks you straight into the Vatican Museums, where you will discover the incredible papal collection of art. Continue on to the Sistine Chapel to admire Michelangelo’s breath-taking ceiling frescoes, and complete your visit in the iconic St. Peter’s Basilica. Appreciate this spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site whilst your guide tailors your visit to provide the best experience possible.
  1. Explore the Vatican Museums with your private guide and discover art masterpieces that span 2000 years of history. Admire works of art by the likes of Raphael, Caravaggio and da Vinci, and visit lesser-known accomplishments such as the cartographic frescoes in the Gallery of Maps. Your guide will enthral you with the stories behind these works of art and select the worthiest pieces for your attention.
  2. Your private tour continues as you reach the Sistine Chapel, a true feast for the eyes that in itself makes the Vatican a must-see destination. Admire Michelangelo’s adorned ceiling, including the frescoes ‘The Creation of Adam’ and ‘The Last Judgment’, and appreciate one of the greatest displays of art ever created. Learn from your guide about the controversy surrounding the work and about how Michelangelo’s creation changed the trajectory of western Art forever.
  3. Complete your visit as you arrive at St. Peter’s Basilica, one of the holiest and most famous churches in the world. Believed to be built above the remains of St. Peter, the church’s religious importance is matched by its spectacular beauty. The sheer scale and grandeur of the interior is breath-taking, and the contributions of Michelangelo and Bernini make it an even more special destination.
what's included
  • Skip-the-ticket-line entry to the Vatican Museums
  • Skip-the-ticket-line entry to the Sistine Chapel
  • Skip-the-ticket-line entry to St. Peter's Basilica (entry to the dome not included)
  • Guide
  • Headsets
  • Free Wi-Fi at the meeting point
  • Bathroom access
  • Recharging station for your mobile devices
what's not included
  • Transportation
meeting pointFor English tours, please go to our office on Via Germanico 8. For tours in other languages, please go to our office on Via Vespasiano 46.

Please arrive 25 minutes before your scheduled departure time.

Please note - the meeting point is inside of our office. But for security reasons, we are not able to store any personal belongings at our office – so please plan accordingly.
dress codePlease note - the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica maintain a strict dress code year-round. All visitors must have their shoulders covered and pants/skirts must come to the knee. And make sure to wear comfortable shoes!
important informationThe Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica has strict security restrictions. Due to metal detectors at the entrances of most attractions, it is forbidden to bring the following:
  • Weapons and blunt objects (knives, long umbrellas, etc.)
  • Glass bottles, aerosol sprays, and alcohol
  • Bicycles, skates, and segways
  • Luggage
  • Pets
Large bags and selfie sticks are not allowed in the Vatican. There is a free Vatican cloakroom service once you have gone through the metal detectors.

Please note that St. Peter's Basilica is closed at Easter and other religious holidays, on December 25 & 31, & every Wednesday 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. During these times, the tour will be offered in other parts of the Vatican Museums.
On rare occasions, St. Peter’s Basilica is subject to closure without notice. If this happens, you'll spend a full 3 hours in the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel.

The Raphael Rooms are only available on the 8:30 AM English tour.
accessibilityIf you or any member of your party has difficulty with mobility (uses crutches or a wheelchair, etc.), please contact us in advance. This tour is not wheelchair accessible. Private tours are available to meet these needs, on request.

The Vatican Museums offer free entry to all disabled visitors with certified invalidity of more than 74%. For visitors who are not self-sufficient, free entry is also extended to a companion.